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News To Press is an enlightening platform that publishes regular content covering a wide range of topics and trends. Our primary focus is to provide our customers with the best platform with authentic news.

At News To Press, privacy is also a significant concern. We believe our users have the right to know what information we are taking from them and how it is used. We have articulated this privacy policy to keep things transparent and develop trust.

What Information Do We Gather?

Whenever a user visits our website, we get access to a lot of information about that particular user. There are two main methods of getting hold of user information. Firstly, we gather the information that you directly provide through various channels. When you create an account, comment on a post, or email us, we get access to certain information about you. This includes your name, email address, attachments, message contents, and other insensitive information.

The second method of gathering information is through our systems. Our advanced systems collect information such as your IP address, geolocation, signatures, and financial IDs. All this information is secured and not used to harm your privacy.

Why Do We Collect Information?

Users should understand that a website needs sufficient information to stay updated and better suited for its users. The sole reason why we collect certain information from our users is to improve their user experience on our website. The collected data offers you the best services through our platform.

We send you personalized emails regarding the content you might like and offers that might amaze you. We also protect our website from online threats and thefts by regulating it. 

Third Parties

News To Press collaborates with third parties who advertise their products and services through our platform. We reserve the right to share your data with these third parties so you can get more personalized advertisements that complement your buying decision. News To Press does not endorse the products and services offered by any third parties. Hence, we recommend our users go through the privacy policy of any third-party websites before purchasing their goods and services.


Cookies are valuable pieces that help significantly improve a person’s user satisfaction whenever they revisit our website. We collect clickstream, log files, and last visit data through cookies. This helps us in providing you with a better experience on our website.

We ask the permission of our users before deploying cookies. If you wish to disable them, you can do them from your browser settings. However, we do not recommend doing this as it will only affect your user experience on our website. 

Updates In Our Privacy Policy

News To Press reserves the right to modify or completely change its privacy policy to comply with GDPR and terms. We recommend users check out for updates in our privacy policy occasionally.

Contact Us

If you have any queries and questions regarding our privacy policy, feel free to email us at [email protected]. We always look forward to your emails and do our best to reply to them as soon as possible.

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